• The Difference Between Silk And Mulberry Silk

    After wearing silk for so many years, do you really understand silk? Every time you buy apparel or household goods, the salesperson will tell you that this is silk fabric, but why is this luxurious fabric at a different price? What is the difference between silk and silk? Small problem: how is si...
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  • Why Silk

    Wearing and sleeping in silk has a few additional benefits that are beneficial to your body and skin health. Most of these benefits comes from the fact that silk is a natural animal fiber and thus contains the essential amino acids a human body needs for various purposes such as skin repair and h...
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  • How to Wash Silk?

    For Hand wash which is always the best and safest method for washing particularly delicate items like silk: Step1. Fill a basin with <= lukewarm water 30°C/86°F. Step2. Add a few drops of special detergent. Step3. Let the garment soak for three minutes. Step4. Agitate the delicates around in t...
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