Difference between 19 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm for a silk pillowcase

The percentage of silk per square inch of a 22 mm silk is almost 20% higher than that of a 19 mm silk. The higher momme weight also implies that the weave is denser, and this denser weave helps to protect the sheen and luster of the silk. This gives room for stronger durability. 

The lifespan of a pure silk sheet with 22 mm weight is estimated to be double that of silk sheets with lower momme weights. Although it is thicker than the 19 mm silk, the 22 mm silk is just as soft as the 19 mm, and it has a shinier appearance.

Pure silk sheets with momme weight of 19 mm are a great blend of durability, sophistication, and luxury. They are affordable, and are made for daily use, and can withstand routine laundering. If taken proper care of, the sheen, usability, and luster of the 19 mm silk will last for a good period. Just like the 22 mm silk, the 19 mm silk is seamless and smooth.

The percentage of silk per square inch of a 25 mm silk is 30% more than that of a 19 mm silk. With proper care and proper laundering, the 25 mm silk sheet can last for about 10 years. The 25 mm silk is known for its luxury and elegance. The 25 mm silk sheet can be used for things like wedding bedding, engagement celebrations, and anniversary gifts.


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What does 6A mean for 100% mulberry silk fabric?

Usually, silk products are graded on A, B, C. While Grade A is the finest of them all with the highest quality, Grade C is the lowest. Grade A silk is very pure; it can be unraveled to a great length without breaking. 

Similarly, silk products are also graded in numbers which takes the grading system a step further.

For instance, you can have 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A. 

6A is the highest and the finest quality silk. This implies that when you see a silk product graded 6A, it is the highest quality of that type of silk.

In addition, silk with Grade 6A costs more due to its quality than those from grade 5A silk. This means that a silk pillowcase made from Grade 6A silk will cost more because of the better quality silk used than a pillowcase made from Grade 5A silk.


How to fix a faded black silk pillowcase

Here are simple quick fix steps you can take to restore the brightness of your faded silk pillowcase.

● Step one

Pour ¼ cup of white vinegar inside a bowl with warm water.

● Step two

Stir the mixture well and submerge the pillowcase inside the solution.

● Step three

Leave the pillowcase in the water till it is thoroughly soaked.

● Step four

Remove the pillowcase and rinse properly. You must ensure you rinse well till all the vinegar and its smell are gone.

● Step five

Squeeze gently and spread on a hook or line that is not exposed to sunlight. Like I mentioned earlier, sunlight hastens color fading in fabrics.

What you should do before purchasing a silk pillowcase?

Color fading is one of the reasons why some manufacturers lose their customers. Or what do you expect from a customer who didn’t get value for his money? There’s no way he’d return to the same manufacturer for a second purchase.

Before getting a silk fabric pillowcase, ask your manufacturer to give you the test report for the colorfastness of the silk fabric. I’m sure you won’t want a silk fabric that changes color after washing it two or three times.

Laboratory reports of colorfastness reveal how durable a fabric material is.

Let me briefly explain what color fastness is the process of testing the durability of a fabric, in terms of how quickly it’d respond to varieties of fading-causing agents

As a buyer, whether a direct customer or retailer/wholesaler, it is imperative that you know how the silk fabric you’re buying reacts to washing, ironing, and sunlight. Plus, colorfastness reveals the fabrics’ resistance level to sweat.

You may choose to overlook some details of the report if you are a direct customer. However, doing this as a seller could set your business on a down slip. You and I know this could drive away customers away from you if the fabrics turn out bad.

For direct customers, the choice of whether to overlook some fastest report details depends on the intended details of the fabric.

Here’s your best bet. Before shipment, make sure what the manufacturer is offering meets your needs or the requirements of your target customers as the case may be. This way, you won’t have to struggle with customer retention. Value is enough to attract loyalty.

But if the test report is not available, you can run some checks yourself. Request a part of the fabric you’re buying from the manufacturer and wash with chlorinated water and seawater. Afterward, press it with a hot laundry iron. All these would give you an idea of how durable the silk material pillowcase is.


Silk materials are durable, however, they should be handled with care. If any of your so clothing gets faded, you can make it new again by following any of the methods aforementioned.

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