How to wash silk pillow case and silk pajamas

A silk pillowcase and pajamas is an affordable way to add luxury to your home. It feels great on the skin and is also good for hair growth. Despite their benefits, it is also vital to know how to care for these natural materials to preserve their beauty and moisture-wicking properties.  To ensure they last longer and maintain their softness, silk pillowcase and pajamas should be washed and dried all by yourself. The fact remains that these fabrics feel better when they are washed at home using natural products.

To wash simply fill a large bathtub with cold water and soap made for silk fabrics. Soak your silk pillowcase and gently wash with your hands. Do not rub or scrub the silk; just allow the water and gentle agitation to do the cleaning. Then rinse with cold water.

Just as your silk pillowcase and pajamas need to be washed gently, they also need to be dried gently. Do not squeeze your silk fabrics, and do not put them into a dryer. To dry, just lay down a few white towels and roll your silk pillowcase or silk pajamas into them to absorb the excess water. Then hang to dry outside or inside. When dried outside, do not place directly under the sunlight; this can cause damage to your fabrics.

Iron your silk pajamas and pillowcase when slightly damp. The iron should be at 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure you avoid high heat when ironing your silk fabric. Then store in a plastic bag.

Silk pajamas and silk pillowcases are delicate and expensive fabrics that must be adequately cared for. When washing, it is recommended that you opt for a hand wash with cold water. You can add pure white vinegar when rinsing to neutralize alkali raises and dissolve all soap residue.

Post time: Sep-30-2021

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