What’s the difference about the embroidery logo and print logo ?

In the clothing industry, there are two different types of logo design you’ll come across: an embroidery logo and a print logo. These two logos can be easily confused, so it’s important to know the differences between them in order to decide which one will suit your needs best. Once you do that, you can take all the necessary steps towards getting your brand’s apparel business off to a great start.Hd59f3a4edbe14d6ca844c8d7fc51fc74w

Embroidered logos are much more expensive than printed ones,  embroidery logo are also much more permanent and last much longer than standard printed logos. As such, embroidered logos are perfect for those looking to stay within their brand image or those who want to stand out from competitors on all levels. 16

Another important factor in choosing between printed clothing designs and stitched badges/embroideries will be your intended uses for your garment whether you plan to use it mainly for show purposes versus functional purposes in field work environments. Embroidered logo are more suitable for sports uniforms, military uniform, outdoor apparel and so on. This is why they are used by professional companies in clothing, sports or outdoor apparel that have high demand of durability or fashionable style. Not only because they are well decorated but also because it is so durable for long term use. However if you want to decorate your clothes with beautiful color, print logo would be a good choice for you because it has so many colorful colors available in market.



Post time: Nov-06-2021

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